A few unsolicited comments from our members ....    (updated Mar 2009)

     "....WOW! My sales increased by 30% using My Auction Gallery! The ability to see large high resolution photographs seals the sale. My highest recommendations, Thank you! Alan-Golden Hour Fossil and Mineral" - SellerID: alanpjb1

     "....Can't ask for better service anywhere.... My Auction Gallery is Tops!!!!!! Dan (condan)..." - SellerID: condan

     "....I just want to say how happy I am with your service. I used to have an Ebay store several years ago and I did sell my shoes with just the store slowly but fairly steadily. However, I have been using your gallery on my auction listings and my God, sales jumped up immediately! I normally sell 40-60 pairs of shoes in a week just from my auctions. The ones that do not sell after a few attempts go in my stores where I rely on buyers who want to buy multiple pairs to save on shipping or just buyers who like something they find better than what is in my auction listings. Either way, I have sold more than one pair to many more customers because of the gallery and in just the stores alone promoted by the gallery link, I have sold 49 pairs in the past week. These were 49 pairs that I could not get bids on in regular auctions. That shrunk 21% of my entire store inventory! Now, I have got to get a bunch more. What a great dilemma! I am very happy with your service and would recommend it to anyone and I will. Feel free to use this testimonial anywhere you desire!....." - SellerID: shoeshopspot

     "....I'm so pleased with the gallery and it's really helped with my store sales. Thanks again for the chance to display my items in such a professional manner. I couldn't have done it without you....."

     "....Just a note to say how happy I am ...... I have noticed a dramatic increase in the traffic and "watchers" of items I have in my mini Gallery. So many times people will email a company to complain, I wanted to take a minute to send a compliment and a big THANK YOU. The Price of your service pays for itself......"

     "....You folks are amazing. I usually have to wait days ( from other companies) to get even one response to a customer service question. You are on a very short list of sites I am truly impressed with...."

     "....I love your service....a real class act!......"



     "....You are the greatest! I really mean that!!!!!!!!!!!....."

     "....Thanks again for your absolutely BRILLIANT idea: My Auction Gallery!....."

     "....WOW!!!!!!....just created my gallery...it's absolutely AWESOME!......and sooooo easy......"

     "....WOW !!! I just signed-up with you and my page was up before I could call my daughter and tell her about your GREAT new service ! Thank you, it looks wonderful and I will spread the good news!...."


     "....Many thank you's, and, I absolutely love your gallery, just love it....I think it is wonderful that you have done all of this....This will help tremendously, just what I wanted......"

     "....Your service just gets better and BETTER! Looking forward to another great year with MAG!......"

     "....After one look I was so impressed...makes my listings look oh so professional......"

     "....Can't say enough about the great Gallery. My customers love it! and so do we........"


     "....Sometimes the simplest method can bring so much more to an auction site, and you have brought that to us. We thank you for the great way of displaying our merchandise. It sure gives our glass a little more "class"...."

     "....I came here because I notice how much easier it is to shop with people who have it. Didn't take much to realize that that makes it good for business!..."

     "....Your service has been a valuable asset to me. From the first time I used it over 2 years ago it has bought me nothing but profit. Your costs are reasonable which keeps me coming back. Thank you Thank you for everything. Oh lets not forget the best customer service anywhere!...."

     "....this is first time i have such great and quick customer service.. A+++...."

     "....Thank you again for the use of your service. I have used it for years and find it invaluable. Your changes have been great and I really enjoy the ability to customize my gallery. With the counter I am able to tell how many thousands of people have looks at my gallery over the years and knowing this I am able to determine that for the small amount of money I pay that the gallery is well worth it. Thanks !! ..."

     "....I love my gallery.....don't know what I would do without it!..."

     "....I just had to write again to tell you that I am thrilled with my new gallery! It is great fun & so easy to use, 100% better than the other one I was with, they are hopeless, & a nightmare to use! I have tried the rest & yours is THE BEST!!!!!..."

     "....You folks are THE BEST :) Thanks for great service!..."

     "....One word - AWESOME!!!..."

     "....Thanks for your great job and awesome Customer Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...."

     "....Thanks for continuing to find new ways to make my art presentable to the public eye...."

     "....Wonderful service, definitley improved my sales........"

     ".... I have never had any interaction with a website that is so immediate in their response and courteous in their actions. You're the best! I can't wait to tell all the Ebayers I know about your stellar service!..."

     "....As always, this is the most wonderful program available for those who list auction items. GREAT for the seller, even GREATER for the bidder!!!..."

     "....you are the bestest in the westest,thanks for all the hard work..."

     "....I think My Auction Gallery is wonderful! I am a new member to e-bay and to the gallery and it has helped to generate and direct traffic to my items up for auction!.....I will tell others about it as well!..."

     "....Just one more email to thank you again for your stellar support. I am really impressed with your fast response, thoroughness and courtesy. Keep up the great work..."

     "....this is great and worth EVERY penny I pay for the service......Service here is the BEST I have found anywhere on the net with response time.....IMMEDIATE!..."

     "....you have the GREATEST service for Ebay sellers! My sales have doubled since I have started using the gallery and all of my customers have complimented me on the gallery...."

     "....Thank you, I love the way my items are displayed in the gallery and it is very user friendly. When I needed help your support services were right on it. Definitely worth every penney...."

     "....You have SUCH a good support group. Ebay could take a lesson or ten......"

     "....I continue to be amazed at how many new buyers are finding me through My Auction Gallery. AND...I absolutely LOVE looking at my items on MAG--it really gives me a thrill to see how professional you've made me look..."

     "....this is a super great service. No one would ever find a better one someplace else!! .....Thanks again for having such a wonderful service!...."

     "....When I first saw the My Auction Gallery on a fellow e-Bayer's site, I thought, "WOW! That is so cool! Too bad I won't be able to afford something like that!"--but your rates are so reasonable, I immediately signed up! Now, I am having a blast playing around with your custom backgrounds. I recently added the My Auction Gallery counter and am AMAZED at how many new shoppers are finding me each day. ALSO, I love the large-sized pictures you use in My Auction Gallery--it sure makes it convenient for shoppers to check out my goods....."

     "...Your auction site is the most awesome I have ever seen and the prices are great...."

     "...Thanks again for all the personalized attention and hard work you provide...."

     "...As always, thanks for the exemplary customer service!"

     "...I've never had a minute's problem with MAG.....Thanks as always for the SUPERB customer service!!"

     "...I am in shock, this is the only site I have ever experienced such good customer service...."

     "..you're the best, MAG is absolutely vital to our powerseller biz on ebay...my email gallery list is almost 2,000 now, even I can't believe how great our stuff looks...week after week, bidders tell me all the time...thanks again for your creation!!..."

     "One word - WOW!!! This looks fantastic! AND, in the closing moments of my auctions for the day, a "one-auction bidder" came back and purchased two additional items outright!..."

     "Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! It's great to E-mail a customer support and get a quick answer!! It's nice to find a service that isn't charging an arm and a leg to help out an auction seller......I had checked into other gallery programs over the past few months but just wasn't happy with the ones I had found. One of my customers had told me about your service because she had seen it on another sellers page. I'm sure that as time goes by the number of people that use your gallery services it going to grow dramatically. Keep up the great work!! I know I'll be telling people about your service!"

     "My Gallery I am delighted with. I love the colors and backgrounds I've chosen for it. I'm an art major and very fussy, and I wanted complimenting colors that wouldn't distract from my items and that would look classy and expensive. I am delighted with the finished look, the ease of making changes and additions and also your personal attentiveness to my questions in regards to your site...You folks have been great!"

     "This is super great to pay such a small amount to have such a great gallery of my auction items......AND MY CUSTOMERS LOVE IT!!"

     "I continue to get high praises for the Auction Gallery feature! Thanks for having it available!"

     "...this is the best thing since sliced bread!"

     "I am very happy with My Auction Gallery, its so easy and quick to use. Keep up the great work...."

     "I truly enjoy your program and know it has increased my sales dramatically!..."

     "Great things happen when you use MAG!..."

     "THANK YOU SO MUCH....!! Your service and helpfulness are the reason that I do not switch to ..another.. Gallery! So, just know that your efforts pay off!"

     "Whoa, I would be devastated without my "Mag"!!!  I really do love it!  If I didn't have it I would get out of eBay!!  I enjoy being able to customize it.  You are really doing a good job! "

     "...hey man,you are the best,i love the gallery..."

     "I have had very good service from you ALWAYS and have really appreciated your gallery adding only more customers to my eBay business.....I know sellers who couldn't get their items on other gallery pages when they relied on it very much. Your service has always been reliable for me and I want to thank you for that"

     "You've provided great service and wonderful answers and are always there and I wanted to thank you.....thanks again for the best gallery on eBay and the internet..."

     "Thanks so much for the speedy reply and the super service!.... as always your service is fantastic!..."

     "One of the great things about your service is just that...your service. Anytime I have a problem, I know all I need to do is send an e-mail to you...and it's taken care of quickly! That counts for SO much! About the time my eBay business really started to take off is when I ran across MAG...and it just totally made everything work. My regular customers RAVE about how much they like MAG and being able to view all my auctions at one place.......you're the BEST!"

     "Been with MAG for a few months, and wanted to say how happy I am with your service! I had another service who was horrible! Never could get in, never could update...."

     "There seems to be more activity on my auctions when I use the Gallery. In the last month I have quizzed my multiple buyers and on the average most bought more than one auction because of MAG...."

     "...You are great about customer service! I really appreciate your help..."

"Sure wish you could design an auction management program that works as smoothly as MAG.   I have nothing but problems with the one I use now.  It's a pleasure to use your reliable auction gallery.  Keep up the good work!"

     "Thank you - awesome service!"

     "Thanks, Steve, for another month with your GREAT Auction service! You've made a such a big difference in my business, and I am very grateful to you!...."

     "Great service !  Hope you keep this going a long time...."

     "Really think this is way too cool.  Thank you very much for this special service!"

     "....I want to let you know I love this gallery service.  Thanks so much."

     "Thanks again, Steve, for ANOTHER great month!"

     "Looks like the Auction Gallery is going to work for me & I am delighted !! Thank you so much for a wonderful service that will work for folks with Macintosh as well as PC!"

     "Thank you for making this wonderful gallery....... I really appreciate you guys !!!"

     "Great support from an awesome gallery...... I love that you can personalize the gallery the way you want!"

     "I've been updating My Auction Gallery on a daily basis and I love it....  It's so easy to remove and reload items from My Auction Gallery.   I just wanted to say thank you for making your program "member name" proof :-)"

     "WOW! I was not expecting such personalized service! Color me impressed with your service already....."

"What a great idea this gallery is, I found out about your site when I saw it on one of the "member name" auctions. Thanks for the wonderful support."

     "Thank you, as always, for a GREAT service !!"

     "Steve,  Yyyiippeeee! I love this!  What a great idea.  Had to try it out right away and it is so easy.......just what a computer phobic needs!"

     "My compliments on a fine idea and better than STELLAR customer service."

     "Hey, cool!!  I just changed my background from corkboard to a lavender pattern and made my text lavender, too.   I love it :-)"

     "... I think that the Gallery is going to be good for sales ! Thanks ! :)"

     "Awwwwright!!  With one click I just updated all my eBay auctions with the My Gallery logo.  That was so cool!!   The gallery looks fantastic."

     "Thanks for the personal email! I really like the layout and ease of operation of your program and I'm sure it will result in more bids for me too! :) I'm already using it and just love it. Thanks again!"

     "Such a fantastic way of showing seller's wares and one I thought was way past it's time before even seeing yours."

     "....i have been quoted $4,000.00 for a profesional/decent web page, and then who would come? in  my (non computer based) mind, you make the difference between passive indifference, and directing my business...."

     "VERY NICE....WOW!!!!!"

     "WOW awesome!!  <clapping> got it going, i must say, it's gorgeous....i'll be using this alot, I send out weekly emails to a few HUNDRED of my buyers and was trying to think of a way to send the gallery pics...."

     "... thanks for all your help and guidance, i love the Auction Gallery and think it adds a great weapon to help sell."

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