MAG Mini Gallery Demo  - Introduction
Quick Feature Summary -

Zero Maintenance
All your MAG images automatically displayed
Items always kept in sync with your MAG gallery
Automatically uses your optional MAG categories

  Buyers page through ALL your items with -
  • Next/Previous Controls
  • Choosing a Page number
  • Chooosing a Category
  •   Pressing Play for a movie slide show
  • View Listing button for any item
Titles are shown with mouseover
Each item can be selected for more details
Real time Price, Shipping & Payments info
Link provided to your main MAG Gallery

Completely customizable with -
  • Color "blending" for Frame/Stage/Text
  • Use a  background or color for the Stage
  • Insert your logo (or any image) easily
  • Customize the main Title line with any text
  • All changes are immediate

Include a new MAG Mini Gallery in your  -
  • Auction listings
  • eBay or other online stores
  • Website, etc.

Test drive the new MAG Mini Gallery below for member - matursuksema
(be sure to click on a few items in the mini gallery below )

Click the demo links in the left pane to see the new MAG Mini Gallery in action  :-)