MAG Base Service Guidelines 
---- Updated - 1/20/07 ----

The My Auction Gallery service has been in existence since 1999.

We've tried to create a personalized service that provides members with a unique and customizable way
to market their merchandise. 

MAG members say it works! 

We've added numerous enhancements, and most recently, have moved our hosting to a larger
and more powerful set of servers to improve members' overall experience with MAG.  Initial response
has been great!  Some examples of additional recent enhancements include:

  • Auction IMAGE Hosting Service
  • ENHANCED MAG Mini-Galleries (for inclusion in auction listings)
  • Multiple Auction-Site support
  • MAG Bulletin Board, to provide members with additional ways to get quick answers to issues
  • Enhanced Support / Ticket System
  • Gallery categories, to allow for "grouping" of items
  • Ability to use personal images for backgrounds in your gallery
  • Member selectable Overnight Gallery update
  • MAG New Member Referral Program
  • Development of Frequently Asked Questions section of MAG - quick answers at your fingertips!! 
  • Ability for members to manage their own Account Information
  • Automated MAG password retrieval
  • Gallery Counter reset capability
  • Gallery Header enhancements
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Additional Gallery Background "themes"

We think you'll find MAG to be a valuable and cost effective part of your online auction sales!

Examples of some exciting new functions we're looking to provide our members, in the near 
future, are:

  • Member customizable storefront Gallery banners
  • Auction Management / Listing Support
  • "Featured" Galleries and/or MAG Mall
  • Improved gallery "e-mail functions"
  • Enhanced Gallery item views

  • .....and more !!

What makes My Auction Gallery unique?
  • Timely personalized service.... and that will always be the cornerstone of MAG!
  • Member interface designed for simplicity of use
  • Ability for a personalized "look n' feel" for gallery presentation
  • Designed for fast gallery display.... 
  • Your gallery is available even if your picture hosting site is down!
  • All gallery items are displayed on one page
  • Works with any auction tools/picture sites

If you are not a PayPal customer, you can easily sign-up during the payment button process.

If you are new to the service, we encourage you to try it out FREE for a couple of weeks.

Thank You for visiting!!

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