Below you'll find a summary of how the My Auction Gallery service first came about, along with some additional background information.

Hello, my name is Steve Borruso.

My Auction Gallery is not a large software/service company. It is a home grown idea that was first started to help my family's antique business with the items we offered on eBay. It has since grown into a exciting new marketing tool that many eBay dealers are using to help increase the visibility of their merchandise.

My Auction Gallery has given me the opportunity to expand my skills in writing web based applications, and in doing so, help my family's business. It was first written as a desktop application, to complement the auction automation/managment tools that I also developed for our use. This is how my family first listed, and showcased, the items we offered on eBay. Soon after, some of the antique dealers in our area, that also sell on eBay, expressed interest in displaying their merchandise in a similar fashion.

When we decided to make it available to other eBay dealers, we thought it would be much easier to deliver/maintain/support/etc. if it was offered as a web site service. This also provides a customer interface that is easier to use without the hassles of downloading, installing and maintaining programs on your computer. We wanted to provide a service that would require NO additional technical knowledge for its members, yet allow them access to features that would truly increase the marketability of their merchandise, independent of the methods they use to list their auction items.

As with many programming related ideas, this quickly turned from a cool hobby into quite an obsession. After reading several new programming language books, learning a new operating system, subscribing to countless programing related newsgroups/mailing lists, contracting with a web hosting company, learning about image file manipulation, etc., (and in general, coding my brains out till all hours of the night :-) ... the My Auction Gallery web site was launched in 2000.

Feedback from the wonderful people that have tried it out so far has been very positive. We have enjoyed working with many of the new members (some affectionately referred to as "the bead people" :-) to improve the site and look forward to providing continued enhancements and support with their guidance.

As mentioned above, My Auction Gallery started out as a small endeavor to improve my family's online auction sales. With the creation of the web based My Auction Gallery service, we now look forward to the chance of helping new members explore the opportunity of displaying their merchandise in a unique and customizable way.

As always, please feel free to pass on any questions, comments, or ideas for improvement that you might have.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about My Auction Gallery !!

Best regards, Steven Borruso