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Here we've tried to provide some insight into the workings and use of My Auction Gallery (MAG). As always, if you have additional questions, please email us using the Email Us button. Thanks for visiting !!

My Auction Gallery now supports the following auction sites:


My Auction Gallery (MAG) is a service intended to provide online auction dealers with a new way to display their auction items. It is a service that (among other things) automatically generates a thumbnail gallery from an online auction dealer's active auction items. My Auction Gallery is a web based service where registered members can log in and customize which items are included in their My Auction Gallery. A personal control panel is provided for members to add or remove auction items to their gallery. All changes are submitted and made in real time.

My Auction Gallery works by locating the photos for your active auction items, generating thumbnails from the image files, building a page containing the thumbnails, along with links to the actual auction item pages, and storing these on a My Auction Gallery server. Members should include a My Auction Gallery link button (provided) on their auction item pages that points to their My Auction Gallery page.

For paying members, galleries are customizable to give them a personalized "look n' feel".

For additional information on how My Auction Gallery came about, please visit the About Us page.

We ask new members to have active auctions at the time you register with My Auction Gallery. This gives us a chance to evaluate the format of how you list your items and help set-up your My Auction Gallery personal control panel. More on this is described under Special Cases below.

Start by filling out the registration form by selecting the Register button (to your left). You must register using the seller username and email address that you use on eBay(TM).

Once the Registration form is filled in and sent, My Auction Gallery support will first evaluate how you list your items. We'll then set up your personal control panel and email you with your login password along with any further information specific to you logging in and starting to use your My Auction Gallery.

Part of the processing of My Auction Gallery consists of looking at your auction item listing page to determine the actual location of where your first item photo is stored. For most member's listing pages, this is straight forward and does not require any "special" indications to tell My Auction Gallery how to process your images. In this case you can simply login and start adding items to your My Auction Gallery.

There are, however, some special situations when My Auction Gallery needs to know a few more specifics in order to process your particular images. This generally requires a simple one-time change be made on your personal control panel, and from then on, as long as you continue to list your items in a consistent fashion, everything should work great!

My Auction Gallery will set this up for you when you first register, assuming you have active auction at the time of registration.

When listing your auction items we suggest including a My Auction Gallery Link Button somewhere conspicuous on your item page. This MAG Link Button is the main way your customers, that are individual viewing your auction items, will get to and display you My Auction Gallery.

You can choose to Manually add a link button into your auction description (the preferred method) or you may add it via the Automated Logo feature which automatically updates all of your auction item descriptions with a link button.

We ask members to only use the provided button formats to create links to your My Auction Gallery page.

Your My Auction Gallery personal control panel contains instructions on how to add this button to your auction item listings.

Your My Auction Gallery is designed to be updated AFTER you have listed (any number of ) your auction items. If you are new to My Auction Gallery we suggest trying it out a few times first by adding/removing items to your gallery. Once you are comfortable with things you can start including My Auction Gallery link buttons on your new auction listings.

There is detailed Help information available on your personal control panel to assist you in making additions to, or removing items from, your My Auction Gallery. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section that provides members with a lot of information about a variety of common questions.

We do not send any information about you or your item photos/listings to a third party. My Auction Gallery processing automaticaly erases, from our servers, any processed photos where the auction item has ended. This takes place anytime you update your My Auction Gallery.

The My Auction Gallery service receives no corporate sponsorship or third party funding of any kind. Our existence depends on the positive experiences and word of mouth from our members, along with, monthly member payments.

To take advantage of MAG's enhanced features members make monthly payments based on gallery image processing. Guidelines are provided relative to the number of images processed per month, and payments can be easily made via automated PayPal buttons, or direct payments to our service. For less than $8.50 a month, members can process up to 350 images.... a cost of less than 2.5 cents/images with no other hidden charges!

Although the very basic gallery functions can be used for free, our "enhanced features" are only available to paying members.

Member galleries are removed from our site after 6 months of inactivity.

Click here for peek at the member payment guidelines.

Soon we hope to offer members ways to advertise their business sites on their My Auction Gallery page.

My Auction Gallery reserves the right to display (tasteful) advertising material on its members My Auction Gallery page.

You can contact My Auction Gallery with questions, comments or suggestions by selecting the Email Us button ( on the menubar ). We will make every attempt to respond within 24 hours.

Thanks again for visiting !! We hope to see you as a MAG member soon...